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 Almost full Moon Sept.21st 2010 from Chilliwack B.C.

Panasonic DMC FZ28 digital camera set on auto handheld to 32mm plossl eyepiece 65x on Dynamax 8 SCT.(afocal)


  Sept 21st to 22nd 2010

Set up scope in my son Lawrences front yard in Promontory area of Chilliwack B.C. at about 6;45 PM PDT.Roughly polar aligned.

Still very bright outside and polaris not observable for hours yet so set tripod wedge assembly roughly pointing north.

Set declination with angle finder to correspond with 49 deg.N (131 deg. complementary angle)Elevation at this location is about 400 ft. above sea level whereas Hinton is close to 3500ft. above sea level.

Finally got to use and share scope with other viewers after a week of cloud and rain while visiting here.4 days after the first annual International Observe the Moon Day.

Observed the almost full moon rising above the eastern hills.(small mountains) at about 7:00 PM PDT .Very nice view without telescope.Lots of turbulence at 65 and 100x with scope as moon being so low in the sky and also still daylight out.

From about 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM PDT had 12 visitors come by to check out what this apparatus set up was .Some folks were just driving by,some were walking their dogs and some couples were just out enjoying a stroll in the nice evening air.I invited all that came by for a look at the Moon and Jupiter and its 3 then 4 then 3 moons visible.Used 32mm plossl 65x and Orion stratus 100x eyepieces during session. All enjoyed the views and thanked me for the opportunity as most have never looked through a telescope before.One lady came back two more times.One fellow(Gerry) who lives nearby came with his young son the first visit and returned at about 11:PM PDT and stayed viewing with my son Lawrence and myself til 12:30 AM PDT. We(Gerry Lawrence and myself also viewed M-31 the Andromeda Galaxy with 32mm plossl 65x also which was quite dim in this quite light polluted sky.Also scanned the Milky Way around Cygnus to show the multitudes of stars in this area of  the sky.Showed Lawrence and Gerry some constellations and pointed out a few stars with green laser ponter.

The Moon would have shown much better views had it been clear out 4 days earlier .In total there were 20 viewers counting family members .I enjoy sharing the magnified views of celestial objects with others.Hopefuly I answered their questions correctly!

Looked at Uranus at 100x and it showed as a small bluish green disc.I tried to find Comet Hartley with 32mm plossl at 65x after midnight and I think I did but did not show any signs of a tail.The object i saw was a small dim bluish green dot (a little fuzzy) south and east of NGC 7686 .Checked sky charts later and according to its coordinates I believe I did see comet Hartley2.

Quit viewing skys at 12:35 AM PDT and put sky gear away in sons garage.

Only took pics of Family members and one guest.Posted pics under scope viewers in photos section on this site.








Sept 22nd 2010









Sunspot 1108. Bottom Pic and sunspot 1109 top pic.Panasonic DMC FZ28 digital camera on auto handheld to 21mm Orion Stratus eyepiece on Dynamax 8 with yellow and moon filters on diagonal and Kendrick Baader solar filter on front of scope.Cropped from full disc sun image.



From 2:30 to 4:30 PM PDT I observed sunspots 1109 and 1108 groups.Observed between cloud breaks.

Used 32mm plossl and 21 mm Orion Stratus eyepieces with yellow and moon filter on diagonal and Kendrick Baader solar filter on front of scope.Good clear views at 100 x with Orion stratus .Sun fills the 68 deg.AFOV but there is some room at the edges.This is way better than looking at lightbulbs with this solar filter and does give me use of the scope during the day.


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