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July 21st 2010


Set up scope in my Brothers (Mom`s) backyard in Geraldton Ont.

Looked at moon for a few hours with My Mom ,My Brother John ,My Sister in law Diane,My grandaughter Hannah,and My Aunt Mildred.Moon was not very high above horizon.Tried higher power eyepieces and did not get very good results as moon was in some haze also.32mm plossl at 65 power was used most of the time.Used Dew shield and it kept dew off corrector plat for 3 hours.No Dew on corrector plate lens on scope but had to use hair dryer on eyepiece and finder scope.Everything else was wet with humidity.

Pic Taken with Panasonic DMC FZ28 digital camera on auto handheld to 32mm plossl eyepiece on Dynamax 8 SCT.Reprocessed photo with registax 5.1

Observing Moon In Jellicoe July 23 and July 24th 2010

 Above Pic Moon July 24th 2010 Taken at Rolland Lake Jellicoe Ont. Panasonic DMZ FZ28 digital camera handheld to 32mm plossl eyeiece on Dynamax 8 SCT.

Observed Moon Night of July 23rd 2010 only for about 10 minutes as the clouds rolled in and covered it.Ezekial Cheyenne ,Esther, Karl and Elaine got to view and enjoyed it. Put scope away as it started to rain.Cleared later but did not set up again.Saw Jupiter to the south east at about 15 deg above horizon at 2AM EDT .Went to bed.

Viewed Moon July 24th 2010,

Moon almost full and not a lot of detail except for terminator area.

Viewers with me were Justin, Mallachi, Ezekial,Eric, Dean,Elaine,Keesha,Kathleen,Darlene,Hannah.All enjoyed the show.

Waited for Jupiter to come into view but all the water activity, saunas, and fun with all the people here I grew too tired and went to bed.Justin Stayed up with me til 12 :15 and I showed him how to find Polaris and pointed out a few constellations.

Put away scope at 1:00 AM EDT. 

July 25th 2010

Set up scope to view sunspots while back at Rolland Lake Jellicoe Ont.

Eric ,Darlene ,Elaine, Denise, Karl, Justin ,John,and Art viewd the sunspot group 1089.

Pic taken July 25th 2010  at about 2:30 PM EDT Rolland Lake Jellicoe Ont.Panasonic DMC FZ28 digital camera on auto handheld to 32mm plossl eyepiece with orange filter and Kendrick baader solar filter.This was difficult and does not show the detail seen with my eye view.Used a towel to shield glare .

Evening cloudy and did not set up scope to view.Took a few pics of moon with just digital camera(pinkish color then orange later on in the evening.)Pics posted in my astropics.

August 13th to 14th 2010

Got to see a few perseids last night.
After a fairly long day of touring visitors (Relatives) around some great sights in Jasper National Park I set up the Scope in the backyard waiting for the clouds to hope fully clear .My nephew Jonathan and myself went out to the Old Entrance airport(grass field)to see if we could glimpse any remnant of the perseids.We managed to see 7 between the two of us from 11:22PM to 12:00 PM.There was still cloud cover over the town and made for a very bright distaction with the town lights illuminating it.It was darker though to the North east and at least we did see some. I showed Jonathan how with binoculars the stars that look like clouds in the milky way area of Cygnus are really an amazing number of stars.Pointed out some constellations that were visible also.More clouds rolled in so we went back home to hopefully do
some Scope observing.Did not pan out as clouds were moving in.
Maybe tonight will be better for scope viewing.It is Supposed to be clear.
So I did get to see a few Perseids after all.They were not very long lasting.Very small also.

August 16th 2010

Took scope out of shed to try out new Orion Status 21mm 68Deg AFOV eyepiece for first time.

Set up scope at 1:00AM MDT with 32mm televue plossl 65X on Jupiter. Very nice line up of jupiters moons and could see cloud bands on surface of Jupiter. .Some light clouds starting to creep in.(Also used polarizing filters to cut glare and resolve bands better).

Put the 21mm Orion Status eyepiece in diagonal 100X(Also with polarizing filters).Very very nice  wide view of planet and 4 moons. Fairly good detail of planets cloud bands .Clouds moved in and away as I was viewing(Seeing not that great).Then Jupiter totally covered by clouds. The Andromeda galaxy was not in cloud so I took off polarizing filters and got the galaxy in view with the 32mm plossl then switched to the 21mm Orion eyepiece.Bigger view and no real loss of light with this eyepiece which has more glass in it.Very good eye relief with and without eye glasses.Not sure if I had the whole galaxy in view.Light Cloud now starting to creep in every where.Jupiter back in the open so I trained scope on it again.Seeing conditions were getting worse.I tried with 2x and 3x barlows but could not focus well with 3x.Hope to try again at next opportunity.Put scope away at 2:05 AM MDT.

Can`t wait to try this eyepiece on some DSOs and the Moon!

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