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New Home made Dew shield .Made from a car windshield sun reflector and black felt glued and sewn in.My good friend Margaret Batkin sewed the felt and velcro on for me.

This pic was taken at 10:40 PM MDT. Sure is still bright out.Living at 53 deg N has its drawbacks for late spring and summer  darker sky observing.You have to stay up very late.


June 3rd to 4th 2010

Went out to observe with scope  after a week plus of non observing weather !  Clouds, Rain, a little snow.

Took scope out at  !0:15 PM MDT Let it acclimatize for about an hour.

Rough polar aligned until I could see polaris. Checked out venus for a bit at 65 power.Set RA to it and then located Saturn with setting circles( A little off) .Looked at Saturn at 65x with 32mm plossl .Pretty good views of dark shadow of rings on planet.Upped power with 3x Barlow to  195 .Still pretty good views and some planetary band detail came and went with seeing turbulence.(Planet situated over the house).Was also still quite bright outside.Upped power to 350 with 3x barlow and 18mm eyepiece.Views were larger but no better detail.

Better polar aligned. Tried to find some messier objects in  the vicinity of Coma Bernices.Not having much luck at it so I tried to find some Messier objects in a darker part of the sky.All objects following seen with 32mm plossl (65 X) Used setting circles to find the following with some scope adjustments to get centered.

M 94  a bright central area in this galaxy.(12:15 AM June 4th 2010)Mag.8.2

M 63 Dim fuzzy galaxy (Sunflower Galaxy)  Mag.8.6

M 13 Looked at this bright globular cluster again to check if dimmer or brighter than last session (About as bright)

M 107 Dim and fuzzy at Mag.8.1 Checked this to see if I could find it being lower to the horizon.

M 14 Dim Fuzzy globular cluster Mag 7.6

M 9 Dim fuzzy Globular cluster Mag. 7.9

M 18 Nice fairly bright open star cluster Mag. 6.9 fairly low to my horizon.

M 23 Nice Bright large open star cluster  Mag 5.5 also fairly low to my horizon (Trees)

M 17  Omega Nebula .Elongated fuzzy patch surrounded by many  stars. Mag 6

M 16 Eagle Nebula  Didn`t see a much nebulosity but a lot of stars .Mag 6

M 21 Open cluster Just above the trees.Mag 6.1

Could not see M20 or M 8 as they were behind  the trees .I Have observed these objects befaore.Last Time was at Jack Newtons Observatory B&B.I have pics of them on my Pics taken at that great Observatory.

Stopped observing at 1:45 AM 




Observing Moon while Vacationing in Ont.

Keesha( my niece)

July 18th 2010

While on Vacation and staying at my Brother in law Eric`s summer/winter camp at Roland Lake ,Jellicoe Ont.,I set up my scope to observe the moon.I had company .We all looked at the moon at first quarter.Fairly good seeing although the scope fogged up after 2 hours.I did not use my dew shield.The Viewers were Keesha ,Theresa ,Hannnah, Erica ,Mandy.Justin,Denise,Eric and John and myself.I forgot how bad the mosquitoes can be here.A lot of time was spent swatting.This pic is of the view of the moon this night.All enjoyed the show.

Pic was taken through the 32mm plossl eyepiece (65 power  with Dynamax 8 SCT) hand held to eyepiece on automatic with Panasonic DMC FZ28 digital camera and reprocessed with Registax 5.1

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