Bill Magee`s Journey


                                                                Here we are

                                                       Welcome Home


                                     !  So Far this is the only Home we Have !







We are all on our Journey through the Cosmos

                 On our SPACESHIP EARTH 

                                         Humans have only walked on two of these ORBS





Some day we may walk on 

   the other rocky planets !

The gaseous ones will

   probably be visited by

        ROBOTS  for us.

                   ! We see everything in the past as we look up to the  skies!


I am a resident of Planet Earth the third Rock from the Sun. Any one reading this also lives here except the Astronauts and whoever else is aboard the International Space Station .They live a few hundred miles above us all.In reality they also live here.

Please treat our Earth with Respect. It does not need us to exist but we sure need it.

I have been an amateur Astronomer ever since I was a very young earthling. And I am still enthused about astronomy even after over 50 years.

This web space will be mostly about Astronomy and pics I have taken or observations I have Made.

My user name on some astronomy forums I am a member of is


Skywatcher (because I watch the sky and all I can see with naked eye Telescope Binoculars etc.)

The 88 signifies the length of time in years my eyes will hopefully still be able to see the wonderous sights above and on Earth.

It also represents Binoculars or a set of eyes looking through eyeglasses.(I wear high prescription eyeglasses.)

If you use shift on the keyboard and the #88 you come up with ** stars.

There are 88 official constellations labeled in the sky as per the IAU The International Astronomical Union.

There are 88 Keys on a Piano. I do not play A Piano but play Guitar Which has the shape of an 8  I love All sorts of Music.

I think the Stars are musical and we just have to tune into the right frequency.

Check this out/Someone has plugged in stars to music! (click on link for the universal orchestra)

And the number 8 on its side is the symbol for infinity times two.

The number 88 just has a nice ring to it.








                        ! The New View of The Solar Systems  Planets and Dwarf Planets !

                        A small part of our world ! I live near here . Its a beautiful Place!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The view from Morros Peak in Jasper National Park

                                                    My Local Time




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